What’s “Keppy’s Software”?

This is the name I use for publishing my software, targeted towards professionals.



OmniMIDI (Formerly known as Keppy’s Synthesizer) is a MIDI driver for professional use.
It is a fork of the original BASSMIDI Driver by Kode54.

Its main features are:

Source code: OmniMIDI source
Releases: OmniMIDI releases

Keppy’s MIDI Converter

Keppy’s MIDI Converter (Formerly known as Keppy’s Spartan MIDI Converter) is a freeware, fully functional MIDI to WAV converter.

Its main features are:

Source code: KMC source
Releases: KMC releases


An extension of OmniMIDI’s engine.
It allows developers to directly interface their application with the driver, to get rid of the latency and unresponsiveness introduced by Windows Multimedia.

Guide: Official KDMAPI documentation
Developer content: Developer content

Windows Multimedia Wrapper

A replacement for WINMM, which allows non-KDMAPI applications to make use of the API.
KDMAPI will only work with OmniMIDI.

Source code: WinMMWRP source
Releases: Built into OmniMIDI’s configurator

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